My Story

A Judge with Compassion

The price was his life .....
Jesus in Gethsemane
My friend Carol called to me. I asked if it was true, had Jesus died for me (my sin)? "Yes" she said, I have just been reading a passage which relates to that from Romans 8.

Carol explained it to me in a way that I could understand. Being called, or chosen is Gods invitation to you. He already chose you before you were even born. Because of the sin in us we are separated from God and would not have eternal life if it wasn't for Jesus' death and resurrection. (Jesus defeated death) This was Gods plan from the beginning. All sin must be judged, therefore for all sin there is a penalty to pay.

Imagine two boys growing up together, they are best friends. They don't see each other for many years. One becomes a judge the other a thief. One day In court the judge sees before him a man he knows, his friend from childhood. He is found guilty and the judge must sentence his friend, because that is the law. The judge orders a fine to be paid. The thief has no money to pay the fine, so he will have to go to prison. The judge has compassion for his friend, he steps down from the bench and pays the fine for his friend himself. Justice has been done and the friend is free. God is the judge over all things. He came to earth as God the Son who is Christ Jesus to pay the price for our sin, so that we would be forgiven and set free.

This passage tells how nothing can separate us from the love of God, He chose us, He justified us and then He glorified us. Jesus has paid the ransom price. In other words the fine, but the price was high, he had to defeat death if we were to live. The price was his life

I was absolutely stunned this was the scripture I had started to read earlier but hadn't been able to understand. I went home that day overwhelmed by Gods great love for us. The realization that I am a sinner and that Jesus had died for me was now a reality