My Story

I had always beleived I was a Christian this is the story of how I found the truth.

To Hear Them Sing

The River
We had no intention of staying for the service, it was for completely the wrong reason. Just to hear them sing ...more

The Service

I had heard my daughter sing hundreds of times but during her acapella version of ......... ...more

The Plank in My Eye

It was about this time that I realized that God sees everything we do, He knows even ..... ...more

Greater Love

Greater Love has no man than this, than .... ...more

A Judge with Compassion

The price was his life ..... ...more

Love Eternal

I now realize that being a "good person" doesn't make me a Christian. Only by believing that Christ died for me . .... ...more

A New Beginning

Therefore whoever humbles himself like ..... ...more