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Evening Harvest
Fossil Ammonite and Red Admiral Butterfly.
Exhibition and Recent awards
2024. I will be exhibiting with 4.S.A spring Exhibition at Exbury Gardens, From the 27th April - 27th May . I will be demonstrating and stewarding on 27th April. 30th April, 5th May, 8th May, 12th May, 15th May, 19th May, 22nd May and 27th May.. Please come along and say hello.
2023 A C/P portrait of Heavy horses was selected in the top 30% of entries in the C/Pencil exhibition . As this was the third year of being selected in the top 30% I was awarded Signature status. U.K.C.P.S.O the portrait was also Highly commended
2023, A painting of a pair of heavy horses in full tack. has been selected and will hang in the Society of Equestrian Art Exhibition in North Yorkshire in September.
2023. A portrait of a Tiger drinking was selected by the colour pencil society for their summer exhibition.
2023. A painting of a tiger with his reflection in water was selected and displayed with the Society of feline artists in their summer exhibition.
2023, I will be Exhibiting at 4.S.A,Spring Exhibition at Exbury Gardens from 27th April - 7th June. I will be demonstrating on my stewarding days which are 27th April, 30th April, 2nd May,7th May, 9th May, 13th May,16th May, 21st May,24th May,28th May, 30th May, and 4th June. Do come along and say hello.
2022, I was accepted as an associate member of Society of Feline Artists and a colour pencil portrait of a lion was accepted and hung in their Exhibtion in London 2022
2022. A painting of an Andalusian stallion has been accepted and will be exhibited at The Society of Equestrian Art Tuxford Nottinghamshire from 11th -18th September
2022. I will be exhibiting at Four Seasons Art Exhibition at Exbury gardens from 23rd April until 5th June, do come along to see some of my new work. I will be demonstrating on my stewarding days are 7th 10th 15th 17th 22nd 24th 29th 31st May and the 4th June.
2021 A colour pencil painting of a bear was accepted into the gala exhibition of the colour pencil society London.
2021 A colour pencil portrait of a wolf was awarded best in any other medium at Ringwood art society summer exhibition.
2020, It is with regret that I have to announce our spring Exhibition at Exbury Gardens has been cancelled due to the corona virus outbreak.
2019. A portrait of a tiger title "Contemplation" was awarded best in show by members and guests at the private view and a
butterfly and fossil painting was awarded best Acrylic painting of the Ringwood Art Society Summer Exhibition
2019, I will be exhibiting with Four seasons Art at Exbury Gardens, Hampshire, from the 6th April- 29th May
2018 August. A painting of fossils and Dragon fly was awarded best Acrylic at Ringwood Art Society summer Exhibition.
2018 September. Two painting accepted and hung in the Society of Equestrian Art. Nottingham
2018, Ringwood Art Society, A Painting of a dragon fly and ammonite was awarded best acrylic painting
2018, 8th April-10 June Four Seasons Art exhibition, Exbury Gardens, Hampshire. visit the website www.exbury.co.uk
2017, A painting of a heavy horse in full show tack was selected to hang in the Horse in Art Exhibition, Nottinghamshire
2017 An Oil painting of a Snow Leopard, was awarded best Oil painting at Ringwood Art Society Summer Exhibition
2017, April 8th-11th June, Four Seasons Art Exhibition, Exbury Gardens, Hampshire.
2016 A painting of a snow Leopard was awarded runner up best oil painting Ringwood Art Society summer exhibition
2016, April 9th- June 12th Four Seasons Art Exhibition, Exbury Gardens Hampshire.
2015 A painting selected for the equestrian exhibition was subsequently selected for the 2nd Equestrian Exhibition at Osourne Studio Gallery London and sold from there.
2015 April to June Exhibition with Four Season Artists. Five Arrows Gallery, Exbury Gardens,
2015 August. A painting of elephants was awarded best pastel painting at Ringwood art society
2014 David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year. I am honoured & delighted that my triptych painting of underwater animals and fossils was awarded Highly Commended after being shortlisted and hung in the exhibition at the Mall Galleries in June
2014 N. E. W.A. Nation Exhibition of Wildlife Art held in Liverpool in July "My garden friend" a painting of a frog was shortlisted and hung in the British Wildlife in Art competition held in conjunction with N.E.W.A .
2014 R.A.S Ringwood Art Society. Greyfriars Community Centre Ringwood. My painting of a Snow leopard climbing down rocks was awarded Best Pastel and the Foster Wells trophy for Overall Best in Show.
2014 I had two painting selected to hang in Society of Equestrian Art exhibition, Mall Galleries London.
2014 New Forest Open Art Exhibition. My painting of a Donkey and her foal was voted best in show by members of the public visiting the exhibition.
2013 N.E.W.A . A painting of a Red Headed Agama Lizard won the award for best acrylic.