My Story

The Service

I had heard my daughter sing hundreds of times but during her acapella version of .........
Vicky singing 4th from the right
During the service Lisa told us about her past. All the bad things she had done in her life, and how one day in a desperate situation, she found herself in a church. She told us how Jesus had touched her, how she had been forgiven and set free from the guilt she carried. A combination of Lisa's story and Vicky's singing brought us to a point we will never forget.

I had heard my daughter sing hundreds of times, but during her acapella version of "The Greatest love of all", I started to cry. It was so beautiful, she sounded like an angel. Many of the people around us were affected in the same way.
Lisa said she was going to say a prayer and if anyone wanted to ask Jesus for forgiveness would they please stand.

Everyone had their eyes closed so this was a very private time. I can remember vividly. Still crying I shot out of my seat like a missile, with my husband Peter and my sister Ivy joining me. I remembered things I felt guilty about and needed to have forgiven. During the prayer I felt love, peace, a feeling of completeness I had never before experienced. We opened our eyes to see hundreds of people standing.

Lisa asked all those who had prayed to come forward, she then gave each person a bible. As she gave me a bible I said "Why can't I stop crying" she replied "That's the
Holy Spirit, But you don't feel sad do you" I said No quite the opposite, "I have never felt so happy"

During the next couple of weeks we discussed many times what had happened. We longed to know more about God and to understand Jesus.